Friday, 18 May 2012

Tonight ...

... there is a gentle sadness round the world. We have finally come to the day that so many of us had hoped could be infinitely delayed.

We have followed with such pleasure the joyful, courageous life of Wilf, the Polish Lowland sheepdog. A life so lovingly and eloquently told by Angus in his blog Wilf the PON discovers France.

Wilf - best and dearest of dogs - no doubt there is much laughter in heaven tonight.


  1. What sad news. He bore it all with such grace, and savoured his life like a fine wine. There's a lesson there...

  2. Indeed Pomiane - a quite splendid dog!

  3. We have been away for a week and in a WiFi free E.leClerc far, far away read about Wilf. Well, I read the headlines, but to cry in public was not on, so had to wait til we got home for the Last Post. Great Dog and Angus gave an excellent account.
    So pleased that you and other blogging dog owners have made tributes.

  4. Hi Lesley, I'm still missing my daily dose of Wilf. Extraordinary how he captured so many hearts. Largely down I think to Angus' quite splendid writing. Glad he's going to continue.

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