Sunday, 18 July 2021

Perfect Weather!

 Our Dutch guests have brought perfect summer weather with them.  Temperatures in the low thirties during the day and a lovely cool high teens at night. Bliss.

In my usual panicky final stages getting the cottage ready (why? I've had six months to do this!) I hummed and hawed about rigging up the free-standing air conditioners in the two bedrooms.  I always put them out reluctantly.  The hot air extraction pipe needs access to the outside, so I've created a Heath Robinson affair that means I tack a clear plastic "window" with a hole in it into the open frame and the vent pipe pokes through the hole.  It works, but it is not beautiful.  And the machine itself is clunky and clumsy and clutters the room.  

When temperatures at night are in the twenties our guests are just grateful for the relief and are not fussed how the air conditioners look, but the bedrooms are much more attractive without them. Having already too much to do, the prospect of taking time (twice over) wedging the plastic in the frame, finding some tacks and then fighting with the vent pipe to get it to stay in the hole helped in the end sway my decision to tuck the machines back into their corners out the way.  I'm glad now I did.

Our guests think the cottage looks lovely - helped, no doubt, by the glorious sunshine but also by the absence of clunky machines in the bedrooms.

Saturday, 3 July 2021


Vita stands beside me at the kitchen counter as I make tea.  A small puddle from her beard forms on the tiles at our feet.  She has been drinking and (as usual) half her water bowl finishes on the floor and not in her mouth. I'm still in my dressing gown, but I'm not going out anywhere soon, so no rush to get dressed.

Rain falling from the wisteria makes a metallic tinkling noise as it drips on the long ladder lying propped against the wall - too big and heavy to lift back into the rafters of the porch behind the house where it should reside.

The water butts are full to overflowing.  The swimming pool cover is awash.  Yet another soggy night and day. 

We're into July and summer continues to elude us.  We scan the weather forecasts to check days when we might get some sun, so we can snatch the opportunity to mow the lawns and Karcher the cottage terrace.

We have guests from Holland arriving in two weeks.  We just hope the sun comes out for them. Though maybe for the Dutch this is good weather?