Saturday, 15 August 2020

They've Left!

 And Samantha, she of the doe eyes and recently lost eyelashes, has gone with them.

Our courteous Dutch guests have departed. Not for Rotterdam - as I had assumed - but for Soulac-sur-Mer, where they will be spending a week surfing.  And the holiday continues for one very pink seahorse.

We did not see them go - social distancing favours minimum contact - so we have no idea whether she fitted in the back along with the teenage daughters, or had to be deflated and stowed in the boot.

Now the cottage will be left to "rest" until Tuesday morning.  Shutters are ajar, windows open inside, and (if they have remembered to do as I asked) empty wardrobes, drawers and cupboards left open to air.

The last of our English guests, due to arrive next Saturday, have deferred until next year their month-long holiday, in light of the new quarantine regulations.  But we will prepare the cottage as if they are coming.  I have opened my calendar again and, who knows, maybe some family this side of the Channel looking for a tranquil last minute holiday will find us.

If not, we will not be concerned.  Having the place to ourselves through the rest of August and September has its appeal. And I'm glad I don't have to make any tough decisions about what to do with Samantha.

Wednesday, 12 August 2020

A very large, very pink seahorse ...

 ... named Samantha is perched on top of the sun lounger cushions in the pool house.

When she first arrived she had long eyelashes above her doe eyes, but they seem to have disappeared in the energetic play of the last few days. A pool overflowing with three Dutch teenage girls is not a tranquil place.

Point number four in my carefully prepared COVID-19 notes, which explains to guests that everything they bring into the cottage must leave with them at the end of their holiday or go in the rubbish, may just have been circumnavigated.  I can't see Samantha fitting in their car.  And her doe eyes are much too irresistible to have her end up in the waste bin. 

She may well stay in the pool house all day today.  Finally, after weeks of drought, this morning's leaden skies are reluctantly letting a few fat splashes of rain fall.