Sunday, 20 May 2012

Dans le Jardin

This last fortnight, the photo challenge on The France Forum has been Dans le Jardin.  A wonderful excuse  to wander round taking pictures of our roses, which are just beginning to blossom, when really I should be weeding after yet more rain.

I'm starting a new round rose bed.  The first bed came about by accident. I was trying to protect the tree peony from being mown down each year (the French do like to just plop a plant in the ground and surround it by grass) and so I dug a rough circle, which linked the peony with a huge honeysuckle that we think is hiding an old tree stump and is always full of squabbling sparrows (much to Bertie's disgust) and then filled the gap between the two with pink and red roses.

The new bed is pinks, and oranges, and pinky-oranges and orangey-pinks. With some cornus dug up from the bank behind the house, canna lilies rescued from a gloomy corner and scraps of purple heuchera broken off elsewhere by a rampaging Vita and Bertie and then popped in a mug of water to root, the bed already is beginning to look quite splendid.


  1. Fantastic photos of gorgeous flowers, Sue. I particularly like the first of the apricot rose. Your garden must look lovely.

    I think it will be some time before we have any roses in bloom here in Wales. Far too cold for that. Sigh...

  2. Thanks Perpetua. I adore this time of the year here. Suddenly every garden is awash with roses. In fact, provided it doesn't rain too much then the cooler wetter weather is great, because they last longer. Sorry you're still in the cold. Hope it warms up soon. :)

  3. your rose pics are neon electric.

    thank you for sharing.

  4. Super photographs..and how nice it is to start creating a garden around the existing plants and features.
    I used to look forward to the moment that my apricot Kiftsgate would flower on the coach house wall while the Rambling Rector would cover the outhouse roof with white flowers.

  5. Oooh Fly, a Kiftsgate! I'm very envious. Started to grow one up a fir tree in our previous house, which we then sold and the new owners dug up the garden. :(

    Thanks Magnolia - with the dull grey weather it's actually easier to get the colours more vibrant. Too much sun and they just look over-exposed.