Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes

Washing happily blowing on the line.

Strimming the too-tall grass in a T-shirt.

Red kite circles lazily overhead as Tod mows the field.

Fat bumble bees fall over each other in the opened peonies and first roses

Hoopoes hoo-hoo-hooing down at the cottage.

A line of swallows gather and chatter on the electricity wire that crosses the field from our neighbours.

Bertie hunts a small shrew in the sandy bank behind the cottage as I pull up handfuls of long lush weeds and try to leave at least some of the wild poppies to flower.  The shrew jumps inside a fat plastic tube protecting the agapanthus and lives to fight another day.

The plants I thought had died in February's snow are slowly reviving in the warmth and sunlight.


  1. Great news - and music. :-) Here we're about to get a bit of rain after almost a week of cloudless days- not bad for the far north of Scotland!

  2. And not before time from what friends in France have been telling me.

    Their music of choice was more like
    'Mud, mud, glorious mud...'

    Enjoy your sunshine!

  3. Rather like 'Hello Mudah, Hello Fadah'and Camp Grenada, the world becomes fantastic when the sun comes out. At last!!

  4. Hello Perpetua, Fly and Lesley :)
    Thanks as always for dropping by and saying hello. I envy you your Scottish adventure Perpetua - only ever got as far north as Edinburgh.
    Oh yes Fly, we still have the mud as even with the sun we are getting the downpours - we can see the grass growing!
    Thank you Fly and Lesley for reminding me of two great comedy songs from my youth. :)