Monday, 16 January 2012


When I first discovered this thing called blogging, I used to spend hours going from blog to blog, following other people's choices. It was such fun, but also soaked up so much time that nowadays I tend just to check in to the blogs I know and like.  But I also pay attention when these writers and photographers whose work I respect suggest a particular site to visit.

And now with the Liebster award, I need to find my five to recommend. And here's my first: The Living Isle, written by Rob about the natural world on the Isle of Wight, a place that holds for me such happy memories of childhood holidays and has always seemed a slightly "other-worldly" place.

Rob also has another new blog, The Off Cut, which was recommended a few days ago by Phil Gates a botanist at Durham University and Guardian Country Diary writer whose site - Cabinet of Curiosities - I love.  Phil doesn't need the award, he already has an extensive following, but it would be lovely to see Rob's sites reaching a wider audience.

Both of Rob's blogs are beautifully written and illustrated.  If I hadn't been given this award I probably wouldn't have noticed them. I'm glad I've found them.

A touch of serendipity.


  1. Thanks so much for the interesting recommendations, Sue. Rob's new site is right up DH's street as he loves all things to do with wood, so I've passed the address straight across to him.

  2. Lovely recommendation - I too have very happy childhood memories of the Isle of Wight - and you hit exactly in describing it as 'other-worldly'.
    I'll be back, but right now, I'm off to explore! Axx

  3. Thanks Perpetua and Annie - delighted that Rob's blogs are finding favour. :)

  4. Thank you for your kind words, Sue. Blogs I frequent are of fairly narrow interest, natural history or woodwork, but still with countless followers!
    I like your blogging concept of writing letters home.
    Best wishes for 2012,

  5. Dear Sue,
    Thank you for the recommendation. I'm always happy to learn about a blog that's not in the United States. The idea of reading a blog from the Isle of Wright appeals to me greatly. So I'm headed there now.


  6. Hello Rob, thank you for being in touch. I'll pop back to your blog as well. :)
    Hello Dee, glad you like the recommendation. :) Sue