Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Bertie ...

... is standing on my mouse mat and pawing the key board, which is now covered in fine clay dust.

Blocking my view of the screen, he arches his back, yawns, then licks his lips - all polite terrier conversation. He reaches across and delicately steals an empty Lidl's chocolate wrapper that I've scrunched up and left on my desk.

I nuzzle his soft blonde fur which smells of outdoors and wet grass. His dark eyes, rimmed by thick pale lashes, are on a distant horizon through the window behind my desk.

He thinks I should be paying attention to him and not blogging.

It's nearly his supper time.


  1. Dogs have other pack are all snoozing in the coolest part of the house and will remain static until late afternoon when it will be time to race round the garden trying to catch the water from the hose as I water the plants.
    The nearest to movement is the twitch of an eyelid as I try to get over them to reach the washing machine.

  2. We have never had dogs, but when we had cats they wrote many a letter for me in an attempt to get me away from the computer....

  3. Oh Fly, I love the idea of that warmth!
    I've always wanted cats, Perpetua but Tod is not a cat person. Bertie is a good alternative as he loves being stroked / fussed over.

  4. You should try having an oversized Dalmatian who fondly believes he's a lap dog spread all over you when you're trying to use the computer...

  5. Hello Victoria, we had a dalmatian when I was a child. Lovely soppy dogs! :)