Saturday, 14 January 2012

Grey Days

(As usual) I leave late for the Friday morning photography group up at Eymet and I speed across empty countryside in the Batmobile, racing to get there on time. Just me and the mist, as the road swoops up the hills to the small bastide villages, each hidden in its blanket of grey cloud, then down again onto the plain between, where roadside trees loom out of the swirling cold drizzle.

Our mild winter has disappeared and the cottage heating struggles to keep us warm against the dank weather.  In the evening we huddle on the sofa - human, dog, human, dog - and watch bad movies and much-repeated favourite shows.

Late at night, as I walk Vita and Bertie down to the stream, my breath wafts in the light of the torch, caught white against a myriad moving grey droplets.  We cannot see beyond the edge of the torchlight and we are alone in the world.

The best place to be


  1. Sue, that first photograph is stunning and reflects the kind of weather we've been having here recently. Thankfully today is crisp and cold and blue and white with frost. Lovely! I should have guessde that photography is one of your interests.

  2. Just a quick addendum to say that I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve chosen you as one of my five blogs for the Liebster Blog award. If you’d like to drop by and pick it up, you can copy the image direct from my post. I hope lots of people enjoy finding your blog.

  3. Perpetua thank you, for both your comments and the award. I'm honoured

  4. Dear Sue,
    I found you through the award that Perpetua gave your blog yesterday. I'm so glad she sent me your way as I found your posting lyrical and the photograph of the morning mist evocative. I'll be back!


  5. Hello Dee, welcome and thank you for your comment. :)