Sunday, 1 January 2012

Countdown to a Quiet New Year

Ten thirty pm: Tod takes his broken shoulder off to bed early.

Eleven pm: I walk the dogs down to the stream in drizzly rain in the dark.  A few distant pops and bangs and flashes of red and blue come from one of the houses high on the ridge behind us.  They're starting celebrations early.

Eleven thirty pm: The dogs take themselves off to bed and I start to watch a silly Goldie Hawn movie with a glass of something slightly sweet from a bottle that's been opened in the fridge for ages - seems ok.

Midnight: Bertie starts barking on the landing at more distant bangs.  I hush him not to disturb Tod.  I wonder about waiting to see London's firework display on TV at one o'clock, but decide not to bother.

One am: Bertie is up and barking again - yet more distant bangs and crashes - perhaps our neighbours are celebrating a British New Year? Tod briefly wakes for a New Year kiss and sleepily asks what time it is.

One thirty am: Most of us are asleep.

May 2012 be peaceful and happy for all of us. May our fears be unfounded and our hopes be fulfilled.

London Fireworks: from BBC


  1. Our phone calls were made at by 11pm and so were early New Year wishes to the UK. Then bed as usual.
    Our dog manages to be disturbed around 1 am and gives a series of wuffles that just get you awake enough to wonder if the defenses have been breached. Unlikely, but you never know as The Case of the Dog that Didn't Bark, or did, is fresh in my mind.
    Happy New Year to you, Tod, Vita & Bertie.

  2. Thanks for the good wishes Lesley and Happy New Year to you and yours too. :)