Saturday, 21 October 2017

Yes, you are in the right place

Those of you who have been following Writing Home for some time, you may wonder where you have landed.

For some time I've felt that the black small writing on a white background was looking a tad old-fashioned. 

Also, for those among us of a somewhat elderly disposition there is a practical aspect which is that our eyes aren't what they used to be.  I mentally thank bloggers who publish in a larger font and thought it was time I did the same.

So on this wet Saturday I've finally taken the plunge, changed my template and somewhat nervously pressed the "apply to blog" button.  I haven't yet worked back through all my posts to check all is well, but the ones I have looked at seem to be ok.

I do hope that this new layout is easier to read and that the midway between donkey brown and Paris grey colour (Tod's not entirely convinced) is not too dull.


  1. For me, old crone with deteriorating eyeaight, this is much better.

  2. I've tried it early in the morning and late at night and found the new style very much easier on my eyes. I still think that I should get a new prescription for my specs though. Thank you for the change, I like donkey brown. Lesley

    1. Hi Lesley, thanks for the feedback, glad you like the donkey brown! :)