Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Rain Gods have Answered my Prayers

The water tank down by the cottage is filling.  The water butt at the house is over-flowing.  The mornings are misty and cool. The swimming pool (unswum) is covered in tiny leaves from the overhanging silk tree and brown petals from the pink rose hedge. The dogs come back from their walk with sodden fur. Tough for visitors who would have hoped for better weather, but wonderful for gardeners.

Through the weeks of heat we had left all the windows of the boat open, so yesterday we went to mop up and to go for a leisurely cruise. The day was perfect, a gentle cooling breeze and a blue sky full of white clouds. Except for the odd kayak we had the tranquil river to ourselves in all its watery green splendour, with just the occasional small village or grand house peeping coyly at us through the trees..

Christina's photos


  1. Hi Wild Magnolia, sorry for the slow response - we've had visitors. Yes, the river feels old, mysterious, untouched. Just beautiful.