Monday, 12 August 2013

How Frustrating!

There's a stubborn lump of grey wispy cloud that's barely moving right in the north east corner of the night sky. Right where we're supposed to be able to see the Perseids meteor shower. And tonight's supposed to be the best night for seeing them - anywhere between 60 and 100 an hour (depending on which enthusiastic newspaper article you read).

This is an especially good year - no moon to wash them out.

I've been sitting in the dark on the terrace by the "one day to be front door" and I've been lucky enough to see one - a red ball with a long tail - but mainly I think the pricks of light and the dim streaks are my eyes playing tricks.

I have seen the bats, briefly silhouetted against the grey cloud as they weave and dive for night flying insects.

I might try again in an hour if I have the stamina. Tod's yawning his way to bed. He's seen at least a couple and is content. I wonder if I should wake him later, if the stubborn cloud finally goes and the sky clears? Sixty meteors an hour - that would be something worth seeing.


The Perseids

Nasa article


  1. We always love watching the meteor showers at this time of year. I recall an old boyfriend ( at least 30 years ago) introducing me to the August 12/13 spectacular. We were in Majorca, and I was amazed. Since then our family has always star gazed from somewhere in the south of France, but this year I am back in England, and was so tired last night.....I just slept through it all ! So glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Hello Janice, Lovely to have seen it for the first time in a part of the world where there is less "light spill" at night. For us, the cloud just got thicker last night, so we're hoping the sky will be clearer tonight, before it's all over for another year. :)