Sunday, 9 September 2012

This is ...

... what happens when you take your eye off the courgette plants.

Well, the dogs will enjoy them.

(The white things are pattypan squash - even less flavour than a courgette.  Won't be growing those next year.  Or maybe just one plant as the dogs seem to like them.)


  1. My friend Madeleine used to do stuffed squash....but she could make something super from old boots I think.
    My attempts were like a mini stuffed marrow....far from exciting.

  2. Hello Fly - oh to have your friend's talents! :)

  3. Not being a gardener or much of a cook, I thought that the produce looked rather good. Are they too large? I am reluctant to test stuff out on our dog in case he gets a craving for something rare and/or too expensive!

  4. I retreived one much larger yesterday and I swear it was only a tiddler when I checked it the day before.

  5. Hi Lesley and Victoria, sorry I've been slow to reply - we're getting garden and cottage ready for friends. Yes Lesley, when they get that big they don't have much flavour or texture - better small and crunchy. But they are cheap! So no problem feeding to the dog. Perhaps you could have put yours in for the local produce show Victoria - where bigger always seems to be better!