Monday, 1 March 2010


By midnight Saturday the wind had quietened down and I went to bed, thinking it was over, to be jerked awake at 2am by the roar of a thundering express train in the room.  Xynthia was going full force. No rain, just the wind.

Bearing in mind we have three large trees outside, heart pounding and stomach churning, I thought I'd be safer downstairs.  Tod was awake, but more concerned about his cold and Vita came and said hello but wasn't worried.  So feeling like a wimp, I tucked myself on the lounge sofa and watched late-night TV until the worst was over.

We got off lightly:  a few tiles off the wood store (again - the same place as last time), the new plastic cupboard with the recycling rubbish strewn half way up the drive and a wheelbarrow and white plastic table (broken) in Monsieur F's field. The broken table is a nuisance - Tod's been using it at his bridge evenings.

We were fortunate.  Further north and east there was flooding and some fifty people have died.

France 24: Xynthia report

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