Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Crane Weather

After the stormy weekend, Monday was a blessing - a blue-skied spring day with a warm wind from the south.

I headed for Agen and Castorama to buy another shower unit, some lighting and to make a final decision on whether I really do want slightly girly pinkish tiles in the wet room.  Somewhat to my surprise, I decided the girly tiles would look good and I've bought an oval mirror and slightly frilly lights to continue the theme. 

After the stress of shopping a tea and bun seemed appropriate and I was making for Carrefour's excellent cafeteria, when I heard them.  No one else seemed to notice above the to-ing and fro-ing of cars in the car park and the general noise and clatter of a busy supermarket.  But they were there.  I was sure I hadn't imagined that wild sound.  I strained to see against the bright sunlight, scanning the horizon.  But nothing.  Then something made me look straight above my head and there they were - some two hundred cranes - rising on a thermal blending and splitting, weaving in and out, circling higher and higher.

For minutes - tea and bun forgotten - I stood with my head back watching their distant ballet, way above me in the blue sky.

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