Monday, 23 November 2009

Vita gets a Bath

What is it about Airedales?  Their gene pool includes Otter Hound, you would have thought they would like water.

Clara used to hate getting her feet wet so much she would walk round puddles.

As for Vita, I've just hauled all 20-something kilos across the bathroom (all four legs spread out, clamped to the floor) struggling to get her into the shower.

She found a very dead mole, which she rolled in and then walked round proudly holding in her mouth.  She then wanted to come and tell us how good she smelt.

I think I'm wetter than she is and the bathroom seems to have water up to the ceiling.  But at least she doesn't smell so rank.

I think she's now in the garden searching for something else to roll in so that she smells like any self-respecting dog ought to again.

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