Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Monsieur M. arrived yesterday morning by car with some wood in a trailer. His tractor is out of action - missing a piece. He told me what it was, but I've forgotten what he said. Probably wouldn't even understand what the piece is in English, let alone French.

Tod was at the dentist (again!), so Monsieur M. and I companionably emptied his trailer making occasional small talk. He had a good Christmas, but a bad New Year. He was ill and thinks it was a doubtful huître (oyster). The French love les huîtres. I shuddered and said I didn't like them and he laughed. In fact I don't even like the thought of swallowing a raw oyster - much too slithery.

When we'd finished, he said he would be back with another load after lunch. I told him Tod would be here but I would be at a (très nécessaire) French lesson.

As he got in his car he said "bon aprendisage" (sic) - or something like. I'd no idea what he meant. Usually when I hear a word I don't know, it slips away. But for some reason this one stuck and I was still carrying it carefully like a small gift in my head. I managed to shape my lips so it roughly came out right during the lesson.

And I learnt that he'd wished me "bon apprentissage" - good learning. I am. Slowly.

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