Saturday, 1 March 2008

Five Hundred of the Forty Thousand

Five o'clock yesterday evening, we were walking the dogs in town: letter to post, cakes to buy. Strolling across the town park, I looked up between the tree tops and the roofs of the post office and the corner patisserie and there they were - phalanxes of cranes, immediately over my head, great curving lines of bird after bird, right across the width of the sky, moving forward relentlessly.

I tried to count them - quickly guessing what fifty roughly looked like and then taking the same approximate space in the sky to add them up: fifty, one hundred, one hundred and fifty, two hundred ...

I thought about six hundred, Tod reckoned five hundred. Maybe one day this will seem nothing special, but for the moment it is heart stopping.

The migration website said that forty thousand cranes had left Sotonera in northern Spain in the morning - imagine.

Cranes over Perigueux (about 100 kms north of us) posted yesterday

Le Retour des Grues
Crane Migration

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