Monday, 6 February 2012

The Right Kind of Snow


... and crisp

... and even: like walking across a newly iced Christmas cake

... and dry: so dry that when bits get trapped inside my new too-short calf length boots, with special fancy toggles at the back for pulling them on, the snow stays snug and doesn't melt

... and fluffy: just right for burying noses into and pushing along like a miniature snow plough

...and crunchy: so every step is a delight


  1. That is one (probably two,) but one definitely happy dog!! Grinning, he is.
    My sort of snow.

  2. Fur babies having fun. Breaking out for a few minutes of snow fun and taking care of business.

    Should this be your home in the picture, oh my goodness, Pride and Prejudice, stunning.

    Thank you, for sharing.

  3. Hello Annie, yes, two very happy dogs! Glorious sunshine now on a crisp white blanket. :)

  4. Hello Wild Magnolia, yes, that's our cottage - it's lovely (but not Pride and Prejudice!) One room deep, two up, two down and really cosy in this weather. :)

  5. Super photos and very happy dogs, Sue. Love the cottage too. I'll happily swap our mist and mud for your frost and snow.....

  6. It is lovely. Less to take care of, more time for wandering the woodlands.