Sunday, 16 January 2022

Misty Frosty Mornings

The fourth morning in the row we wake to minus five and mist.

Normally Sunday mornings are a walk along the ridge.  These days, to save Vita's back legs I drive them to the entrance to Monsieur F's farm, drop them off and they walk back.  It's flat and then downhill all the way.

Twenty minutes of defrosting the car, putting on layer upon layer, wrapping Vita in a tartan jacket, getting kitted out with hats and gloves and Vita gets as far as the now-warm car and stops.  She very determinedly heads back towards the house for breakfast. Tod sets out with Bertie.  Two minutes later, they too are back at the kitchen door.

No walk today.  Can't say we mind too much.

A single shot from a hunter somewhere in the field up behind us sends Bertie racing back out to set the world to rights. Heaven only knows what the hunter thinks he can see in this weather.



  1. The elderly dog routine can be challengeing, with cold and wet mixed in with age and health. Ted wants and needs to go out but can 'drop anchor' and so demand the quickest route back. Lesley

  2. Hello Lesley, I love "drop anchor"! That's exactly what Vita does. If it's still close to home Tod will let her off the lead and she comes back. Normally he and Bertie can then do a walk. But not yesterday. Just too cold.