Monday, 14 October 2019

A hot, bone dry wind ...

has been blowing hard from the south east for the last three days.

The shutters rattle at night, making sleeping a challenge.

On top of weeks with little or no rain, this cruel wind has the garden gasping.  Monsieur F has planted rape and nearly half his field is bare earth.  The plants that have come up droop in the heat.

Down at the cottage the walnuts cover the ground.  I gather as many as I can. They are not worth keeping but Vita eats them and I worry they are not good for her.  As I work, I feel the wind shifting. Gusts are coming out of the south west.

We are due thunder storms this afternoon (promised before, but not materialising) and I hope the shifting winds are sign that this time they will arrive.

In this heat it feels strange to be packing long sleeved T-shirts, sweaters and a mac for London.  My flight leaves later today from Bordeaux and, never a good flyer, I'm not looking forward to the take-off in this wind.


  1. I hope that conditions improve for your flight.

  2. Thanks fly, they did. Only a couple of bumpy bits. :-)

  3. Ted does not like thunderstorms so we have been lucky in that there have not been any in N.W. UK so far but we have had lots of rain and flooding. Missing the flights of cranes over the old Fr house but yesterday we had, I was told, Canada Geese over us. Enjoy your trip. Lesley

    1. Hello Lesley, back from a very enjoyable time in London to rail strikes at Bordeaux and no internet (thunderstorms maybe?). At that moment I could have happily gone back! All well now tho'. We still need much more rain here. Glad you are getting something to compare with the cranes. I too would so miss them.