Friday, 8 February 2013

The Rhythm of Life

There was a meeting this week on how to restore old furniture to get that French "shabby chic" effect.

I was really looking forward to it.  We've got one or two bits of tatty old dark furniture that I have been eyeing but not doing anything with.  So this was an ideal opportunity to learn how to restore them.

I knew when the meeting was - first Wednesday afternoon in the month - because there is nearly always a meeting then - except through the summer when everyone has visitors and not in January when people are still recovering from Christmas. It's a bit like the W.I. and there are always interesting talks (not at all like Calendar Girls) and a chance for a cup of tea, a slice of cake and a gossip.

And then I forgot.

Not that I was doing anything more important. I'd decided that the fig tree alongside the cottage needed attacking so that any new growth (typically five or six feet a year) would be a sensible height for reaching the figs.

I suddenly realised I'd forgotten as I came back inside at dusk.  And I felt quite disorientated and disappointed.  Tod goes off to French lessons Wednesday morning and I'd watched him go - so at some point in the day part of me had realised it was Wednesday.  And I knew it was no longer January.  But somehow, this week had not transmuted into being the first week in February. 

The same thing happened to Tod a few weeks back when he was really looking forward to going with friends to the excellent self-service Chinese restaurant in Villeneuve. I mocked when the day came and went without his noticing and now I've done the same.

It may be evidence of early senility. But it's also a change in the rhythm of our lives. So different from the hour by hour measuring out of all those years at work. Here, the days gently ebb and flow. We notice the change in the seasons (the lengthening of the days, the milder weather) more than the days of the week.  And although there are routines - Monday morning rubbish day, French for me on Tuesday afternoon and Tod Wednesday morning, Friday my photography, his bridge - the weeks all too easily slip by without having dates to them.

It is not enough to put our appointments on the Airedale calendar that hangs on the wine rack in the kitchen. Because as like as not it still shows January. And here we are eight days into February.

There is an extra frisson to this increasing detachment from the day to day.  Next month, at the same first Wednesday get-together, Tod is giving a demonstration on making sour dough bread.  At least one of us had better remember on the day! 

some of Tod's bread


  1. I fear we have to look at the thingy on the computer screeen for the date....

  2. So glad it's not just me who forgets things. :-) The bliss of not being tied to the diary can have its occasional downsides.

  3. Hello Helen, yes I'm seriously thinking I need an "organiser" that pops open when I first turn on the computer in the morning. "Today you have a French lesson .... etc, etc."

  4. Yes, it is bliss Perpetua, but I fear the downsides may become more frequent. :( :( Hence my comment to Helen. "Someone" has to manage our lives and it may have to be an electronic "someone". :)

  5. We also have an Airedale calender...still showing January! Hmm.

  6. Easily done Sue. :) I don't know about you, but we really buy them just for the pictures of the dogs - not because they're calendars! :)

  7. We still have a 2008 calender up with lots of lovely dogs on it. Currently I have a small day, month, date 3x2 inch diminishing cube of Peanuts characters on show by the computer but a 'Filofax' with space for the things to remember inside my handbag-often unopenned.
    It is certainly too easy to get sidetracked (multi tasking?) and I do rely on the electronic card site to remind me about sending birthday wishes.

  8. Hi Lesley, I keep all our old Airedale calendars, can't bear to throw them away. :) Love the sound of your Peanuts cube. :)