Thursday, 18 November 2010

Vita's on a Diet

We went to the vet's the other day for Vita's tick vaccination (after Smudge I'm taking no chances). 

Her check-up included a reluctant moment on the scales (which are very scary).  Even more scary, she's twenty-eight kilos!  She was twenty-five a few months back.  Even Clara, who was a BIG Airedale and everybody assumed was male, only reached twenty-eight.

It's true, Vita's been looking a bit podgy round the backside and cuddly along the middle - not much evidence of ribcage - but it was a shock to discover just how much she now weighs.  So NO treats and only two chicken wingtips for breakfast and three for her evening meal. Which means between-times she hoovers up every crumb in sight.

It's a grey afternoon, cold and raining again, so stuck inside and a tad stir-crazy (where does that phrase come from?) I try to make nutella flapjacks without treacle (which I find makes them too sweet).  The outcome is a resounding failure as the oats haven't really glued together.  Still Tod will have some crunchy bits to mix with his breakfast cereal and the burnt nutella-ry bits of oat flake do taste rather good.

Vita's come to join me at the computer, front paws plonked on my lap, head across my keyboard, she's finishing the non-flapjack bits on my plate that I've missed.


  1. Wing-tips for breakfast? There are some four-footeds here who's ears distinctly pricked up at that idea. Although, I think they haven't yet cottoned onto the fact that they're promised sausages all to themselves as a treat next Saturday, when it will be senior four-footed's eleventh birthday...and canine birthdays are considered equal-opportunity troughing sessions in this household!

  2. Sausages! Vita would be so envious. Happy 11th. :)

  3. wow i love flapjacks and with nutella to. Delicious. Thanks for sharing.