Friday, 24 August 2012

The swallows ...

... are gathering on our new super-power electricity line.  Not just in ones and twos but dozens, chattering and fluttering.

In the drought, Monsieur F has abandoned watering his maize and taken the lot for silage for his cows.

Further down the valley, the first of the fields of blackened sunflowers has been cleared. Those around us are not far behind.

The camper vans in the supermarket car parks this weekend will be heading north and home.

The pears on our small tree are blush coloured - nearly ready for picking - and the grapes on the old vines along the veranda are more black than green.

Even through these hottest of days there is a feel of the turn of the seasons.

First misty morning


  1. I used to enjoy having the swallows nesting in the coach house....our farming neighbour destroyed nests in his barns on the grounds that they were 'untidy'....and I missed them here, but this year they have been visiting, so I don't know if we are on their migration trail or whether they will stay.
    Fingers crossed for the latter.

  2. Gorgeous photo, Sue. Here in Normandy, the leaves on the apple trees are starting to turn gold and fall. An early autumn this year, methinks.....

  3. Hello Fly - how sad, to destroy nests. :( Hope your swallows stay! It's so lovely to see them swooping around chasing insects. :)

  4. Thanks Perpetua. Good of you to drop by. I know you're busy. :) We too are already losing leaves from our apple trees. Hope it's a long Indian summer.