Monday, 20 June 2011

"D'Artagnan's" House?

Vita has been to visit her cousin Brando at a grand seventeenth century fortified house.

When Airedales play, they play hard, which can be daunting for other dogs.  But put two Airedales together and the barging and play-biting weight for weight is glorious fun.

They roar round the garden and house for three hours, stopping every so often to flop by us, tongues hanging out, joyous grins on their faces.

We are there to learn more about the house with our friends who have a château and are knowledgeable about old buildings.  Brando's owners are aiming to sell their house (reluctantly) and are interested in understanding its history before they leave.

Local legend has it that the house was owned at one time by Charles de Batz whose life was fictionalised as D'Artagnan in Dumas' The Three Musketeers.  What fun for the owners - to live in a house that may have been occupied by D'Artagnan!


  1. Love the romping dogs photos. In my youth Airedales were always called James and were on a four wheeled platform. Do you keep up with other relatives of Vita?

  2. Hi Lesley, thanks for liking the photos! It was great to see them play. We used to have 2 Airedales but I couldn't cope with walking two now! Brando's the only one we know. We met through an Airedale forum and discovered our dogs have the same grand-sire and dam.
    I remember the wheeled platform. :)