Monday, 22 November 2010

Had Enough

Shouted at the fire because it sulked and wouldn't start. 

Slammed the Godin stove door shut and broke the glass.

Lounge full of acrid smoke.

Sulking logs that wouldn't burn in the stove are now blazing away out on the lawn.

Burnt the grass.

Vita's wisely gone off hunting.

Fortunately Tod's out.

I'll be alright tomorrow.


  1. Yes it will.
    We all have days like that

    Keep positive


  2. Keep your chin up and look for something "happy". We always find eating something pig related (unless you are a vegetarian)helps in this house. Bacon Butty, Bangers and mash or Pork with crackling seems to always hit the spot. xxx

  3. Thank you both for your comfort. Feeling better today. Tod, bless him, has gone into town and ordered a new glass for the stove. In the meantime, we have a gas bottle fire that will keep us warm in the lounge. I must sort out the wood. Oak does not burn well in a cold stove, takes ages to warm up.

  4. Don't you just hate when stuff like this happens? And it usually happens in multiples. Keep your head up!