Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A Finial

Our house (somewhat unusually around here) has a pigeonnier - a dove cot - on the roof.  And on top of the pigeonnier is something I now know to be a finial. 

A finial finishes off the roof and may be pointed or round and sometimes is ornately decorated.  Our finial is round and plain and we've never thought twice about it.

Martyn has been filling the gap between the roof and pigeonnier where, when it rains hard from the east, it leaks down onto the veranda.  He knows old buildings and tells us things about our house. Things we hardly notice suddenly become special.   Like our finial.  He showed us it's an upturned hand-made cooking pot, with the handle still intact. Not many finials like that!


  1. Thats brilliant! I love it. xxx

  2. The pigeon house really adds a special look to the house. It is unique.
    So ,will some pigeons move in, do you think?

  3. Unfortunately no pigeons. (Or perhaps fortunately as they tend to be messy!) Martin showed me the supports inside where a shelf used to be, just below where the opening would have been. It's all been filled in and rendered over.

  4. Quelle jolie maison !
    J'aime beaucoup votre blog ainsi que vos photos.

  5. Merci Nathalie.
    J'aime votre blog aussi. :)