Monday, 13 July 2009

Before the Storm

My hair is sticking to my forehead and the back of my neck. It's a relief to get in the car and have the air conditioning going full blast.

I'm heading to town for door mats for the cottage. We're starting the big clean-up and we need to find a way to stop walking in dirt across our new floor tiles.

I pass Monsieur F's parents' bungalow on the ridge and his mother is sitting chatting with a friend, chairs leaning against the shady side, away from the sun.

The sunflowers in the sweeping valley where the two brothers farm have all gone over. Heads are bent against the heat.

Great rolling clouds are building up on the north west horizon and it's a relief when the sun disappears for a short while.

I heard a rumble earlier and thought it might be thunder but it was just one of the grain lorries up on the road behind us heading towards the cooperative yard.

The meteo promises a storm tonight. It will be a welcome relief when it comes.

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