Friday, 31 May 2013


When Eric moved the pool house to the end of the swimming pool (because the previous one was falling down the slope into Monsieur F's maize field) he left a muddy patch at the side, which I lovingly turned into a small pebble garden. It was a useful quick route through to the back of the building so Tod could do stuff with the pump and then come back and check the pool itself was doing ok.

This year, the pebble garden has become a nose-high jungle that Tod has to cut through with a machete. So on the day we took the winter cover off I hacked down all the weeds.  Among them was a soft pink poppy that happily seeds itself round the garden coming up in different places each year.  It was here when we arrived, so there is a particular satisfaction in getting majestic poppies for free.

Without much hope, I cut off all the tight green poppy buds before I dug up the plant (it couldn't stay where it was) and plonked them in a large vase in the kitchen.  They are such delicate flowers they seem too fragile to make cut blooms.

To my delight they are coming out and look lovely.


  1. A lovely colour...and I've always liked the way poppy stems twist and wind.

  2. Hi Helen, it is lovely isn't it. I spread the seeds round the garden but it makes its own mind up where it wants to grow. :)

  3. What a gorgeous and unusual colour. I wish my garden had escapees like that. :-)

  4. Hello Perpetua, yes it is isn't it. :) I thought it might be "Patty's Plum" but it's not, as it doesn't have a dark centre, but the petal colour seems similar. The vase is still doing splendidly. :)