Monday, 27 May 2013

At Last!

We've had a day of sunshine and almost warmth.

Tucking ourselves round the side of the house away from the veranda which was catching the still chill east wind, we sat sipping our mugs of tea before the joyous task of removing the winter cover from the swimming pool.

As I've said before, there's just one benefit of a cold wet spring.  The roses are glorious.  I took these over the last few days dashing out with camera between downpours.

We have a lot of red and pink roses I realise as I take the photos.  This just provided an ideal excuse to head for our local garden centre and find (to my delight) some splendid David Austin orange and yellow roses.  Mind you, another very dark fragrant red one hopped into the trolley as well.

David Austin roses


  1. Yes...we had a good day yesterday, wall to wall blue are your roses. Jx

  2. Hi Janice, yesterday was super wasn't it. Sadly duller and colder here again today. :( Hope it's better for you. Thanks for liking the roses. I'm especially fond of the bottom pink one - INCREDIBLY cheap from Lidl last year and it's now a huge healthy bush. :)