Saturday, 7 April 2012

Tod has 'Flu

Casting too many clouts before May is out, if you ask me!

That, and leaving the cottage too early and moving back to our draughty house during what was a brief moment of warmth.

The Godin stove is lit in the lounge.  Spicy butternut squash soup is warming on the stove.

Tod is asleep under the duvet and Bertie is lying on top as a hot water bottle.

We're hunkering down for a wet, cold week.  Unfortunately Tod is booked on a flight to the UK on Wednesday and we're running out of his magic all-powerful (not available in France) remedy - Lemsip.

At least he'll be able to stock up when he gets there.


  1. That's really bad luck...both the 'flu and the lack of Lemsip.
    He may be driven back on whisky, lemon and honey...