Sunday, 29 April 2012

Normally on a Sunday ...

... we don't mow or strim.

There is still some respect for the tranquillity of The Lord's Day round here; although at harvest time the farmers work right through and there's tolerance of the guys doing their self-builds.

A few months back, the mayor wrote in the local newsletter, reminding people not to disturb their neighbours on Sundays with noisy gardening and DIY equipment.  That didn't go down too well with the upstanding folk of our commune.  It seems that the rule of "Peace on Sundays" applies to all of us except the motorbikers.  So another article appeared in the next newsletter, gently reminding the leather brigade that they too should be sensitive to others. Much good it did!

But this Sunday is different. The rain has been almost incessant for what feels like weeks (when's Saint Swithin's Day?) and the grass and weeds have never been so tall, so green, so lush, so totally out of control.

Today, we woke to sun.  So seizing the moment, we rushed out with our noisy strimmer and mower to begin tackling the elephant task of bringing what looks like a hay field back to a garden.

We hope our (distant) neighbours understand.  They will have peace and quiet tomorrow. Another day of pouring rain is forecast.


  1. Sometimes circumstances just demand that you bend the rules, Sue. If you aren't surrounded by people, once won't hurt anyone. Hope the rain stops completely before long.

  2. They probably heard you at work and rushed out to do the same...your noise covering theirs, so to speak....

  3. Hello Perpetua. We have badly needed the rain so it's wonderful to see the reservoirs now full and our clay is now completely saturated. But we do now think enough is enough! :)

  4. Hello Fly, you're right! We certainly do that when our farmers are trundling backwards and forwards with their monster machines. Been driven in now by the latest downpour. Time for tea, methinks. :)

  5. We didn't even think of doing anything in the garden, we were too busy gawping at the blue patches in the sky.

  6. Hi Victoria - I know - blue sky! Mind you, back to normal today!