Saturday, 26 November 2011

The last but one ...

... of our butternut squashes that grew on the bank behind the cottage, chopped up with some carrot and thrown in a big saucepan with lots of chicken stock and simmered vigorously while a diced onion, garlic and ginger are sweated down in butter; all to be added to the pot, plus chilli and black pepper, medium curry and a bayleaf; then whisked creamy smooth and back in the pan on the heat for two large dollops of crème fraîche to be stirred in.

Soup just right for a misty, chilly November lunchtime, together with Tod's sour dough rye bread.

We're thinking about moving back down to the cosiness of the cottage.


  1. Sounds pretty good on a warm summer's day in Costa Rica, too!
    Soup for lunch!

  2. I roasted about 40 heads of garlic, squeezed out the paste and froze it in lumps. Try adding a couple of those to any soup and you won't need the chicken broth.
    In the early summer, I make pesto from our garlic scapes with almonds and parmesan cheese. I freeze that in ice cube trays so I can throw a chunk in a soup or pasta sauce. But there are never enough scapes!

  3. Hi Fly, I envy you your warm summer's day. We've started to go very chilly and damp!
    Your garlic paste sounds like a great idea Sharyn and the pesto sauce. Never come across the word scape before. Had to look it up. :)

  4. Thanks for the recipe, Sue. Just the thing for the weather we've been having. I love soup at any time of year and collect recipes like other people collect old china. :-)

  5. Pleasure. :) I just wish we had more butternut squash! I didn't realise I should have kept pinching out the new growth to make the plants branch more and produce more fruit. Next year!