Monday, 14 February 2011

Summer's Coming

A hundred cranes high overhead in a perfect V formation against the watery blue of the late afternoon sky - flying due north.

Vita barks at their wild cries.

I stand looking up, breathing in the cold damp air and think of summer.

Crane migration: information and place to record your observations


  1. I'm concerned that I might have missed the birds this year.
    They usually over-fly our village and make so much noise that you can't not look up and marvel.
    I wonder if the flight timings indicate a cold summer to come or that we had a cold winter.
    How is Vita? Is she back to 100% yet?

  2. I don't think you've missed them Lesley. There are still large groups flying north. I've added the link to the crane website that gives day to day numbers and where they can be seen. I think the flight paths change slightly year on year, so we don't always see them. This year we're lucky. I agree about looking up and marvelling :)

  3. Lesley, thanks for asking about Vita. She's well on the way. Much more energy :) We'll get more blood tests done in the next few days and that will tell us how her liver's doing.

  4. Pepe Le Pew, thank you. The cranes never cease to entrance me.

  5. Three or four 'wings' of birds just to the East of us going North. As usual, the little snaps digital camera was not man enough to take a prize winning photo. Three pairs of eyes followed them, two human and one canine, their cries were good enough for the dog's first year of their migration.

  6. Hi Lesley - great, so glad you've seen them. We had a large group go over during the night.