Monday, 28 June 2010

Twenty-nine Degrees Celsius...

... in the swimming pool this evening; the water just warmed by the heat of the sun over the last few days.  That's eighty-four degrees Fahrenheit.  That's hot!

And only a week ago we had the fire lit!

I laze on my back in the water and watch an anvil thunder cloud build on the western horizon, outlined by the setting sun.  Monsieur F has just started the water canon swishing in the maize field alongside our pool. He, at least, is not relying on the forecast of rain tonight.  Though our neighbour two fields in the other direction is harvesting his wheat, just in case.  No doubt the distant rumble of the combine (if not thunder) will go long into the night

Vita greets me at one end of the pool, licking the slightly salty water off my arms as I hang on the side.  We both think this new system is a great improvement on the old chlorine tablets.

I climb out and turn to see a grasshopper jump in - legs splayed on the water. I drop back in to rescue him and it's like getting into a warm bath. 

Maybe I'll swim just a little longer.

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