Thursday, 9 April 2009

Our New Airedale Pup

We have a new 11 week-old addition to the family.

She came with the name Evita. A three syllable name for a dog is too long, so I suggested we shorten it to Vita. Tod is not impressed and says it reminds him of Ryvita. If he wants to give her another name, he will have to think of one fast - she already responds when I call.

She has discovered the red flowers on the camellia and proudly carries them in her mouth along the veranda. She tried to launch herself at Tod across the swimming pool, but hastily withdrew with the first wet paw.

She thinks raw chicken wings are delicious, but possibly not as nice as Tod's ears and nose, or bits of wood stolen from the basket by the kitchen range. She likes to lie right behind our feet as we are cooking.

This is her first night alone, away from her siblings, so her crate's in the bedroom. She's done one or two soft whimpers, but she's really being very brave. For the moment, she thinks newspaper is more comfortable than the soft squishy bed that we bought her.


  1. Big news!! Congratulations & all the very best wishes with the gorgeous new addition to the family ... Happy Easter to you all N xx

  2. what a cutie!!!congrats to all of you! i have a chow chow named teddy..quite a pip she is!!! she hates to get her feet wet too. you can see some pics of her on my blog. i just started it so it is weak but i will be working on it! joyce

  3. Beautiful and she looks so happy too!

  4. Great to hear - I was going to suggest to you a new's the only way properly to move on, in the circumstances. And what a charmer she obviously is!
    Fingers crossed, but my new puppy-to-be has just been conceived, and all being well should see daylight(I think) around mid-June. He'll be a great-great-nephew of the recently departed senior four footed...

  5. Thank you all of you for your best wishes. She is fabulous and a handful! She's just found the handle of the spare linen holdall under the bed and (in passing) taken a swipe at Tod's shoelaces. And puppy books talk about making the house "puppy safe". Ha!