Friday, 24 October 2008

A Further Week

I can't settle to anything.

Smudge collapsed again a week ago and he was breathing so quietly we thought we'd lose him. But again he pulled through. This time though, when he tried to walk, you could see every step pained him. He could barely stand and we had to hold him. He would hunch his shoulders, walk a couple of steps and then stand panting. Several times, he fell and just lay there.

When our vet touched him, he cried in pain. She thought it might be leukaemia, triggered by the tick fever. She gave him steroid and antibiotic injections and took blood. Within a day the change was amazing. He was walking more easily. He could get himself up without help. We have continued with the steroids and antibiotics and he potters about the house, almost his old self, but thinner and still very tired.

In the meantime, initial blood tests imply some form of autoimmune disease. That seemed better than leukaemia until I began to read articles on the internet.

The tick fever has totally compromised his immune system. To minimise further damage, I give him filtered water, organic chicken, rice, lentils and vegetables. I add ground seaweed and elderberry juice to his food to build strength. I trickle homeopathic drops between his lips.

I dread the side effects if we have to keep him on steroids and hope that acupuncture and herbal remedies will help. I read about flax oil and cottage cheese, raw food, spirulina, vitamins, laetrile and wonder what's best.

We still do not have the results of all the blood tests. I start doing something, but then break off to check my emails, read more on the internet and watch him sleeping.

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