Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Leaving Toulouse

Tod flew back to the UK on Monday from Toulouse.

Whichever one of us flies out, the other gets to drive the batmobile home. Normally we have “Madam” (our Tomtom sat nav) to navigate us to and from the airport. We call her Madam because of her posh received pronunciation voice: “Exit ahead” every vowel and consonant crisp and clear. This time though, Tod wanted Madam with him in the UK so I was driving solo on my way home, threading through the spaghetti of dual carriageways that circle Toulouse.

In fact it’s easy – just follow the signs to Bordeaux and Paris.

Then I remembered: the first time I saw those signs a year ago and felt again the bubble of excitement. “Us, moving to France”.

Now, those signs are part of my life and the excitement doesn’t go away.

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