Sunday, 18 March 2018

The Big Talk

I suddenly find we're having a conversation that I'd hoped not to have for years.  Ideally never.

He thinks here is "becoming too much".  I don't.

He's talking about downsizing. I don't want to.

Where do we go from here?


  1. Crumbs.
    Do you have any idea of why he thinks it is too much? Might it just be a reaction to the rotten weather recently?

    1. He listed a whole series of "small things" which all add up for him. It's possible it's because he's seventy this year and he's worried about "growing old" and wants to move before we have to. This is a tough one - for both of us - because we have such differing views about what "growing old" means.

  2. We are moving because we 'have to'. I am 70, he 78 and The Dog is 10 ish. I really wanted to grow older here. Maybe we left it a bit too late. It is a must for a joint reality check. Very best wishes. Lesley

  3. Thanks Lesley for your comment. It's not easy is it. Not helped by the fact that he's "only 70" and I too really want to grow older where we are.

  4. Dear Suej, Like potty, I'd suggest a "reality check." That is, a conversation in which neither of you argues with what is being said, you both just express your views and give one another time to think about what's possible now that will help both of you manifest what is important to you right now. Peace.