Sunday, 6 October 2013

Well there's a Surprise!

I'd planned to write a slightly melancholic post about the changing of the seasons and the arrival of autumn, but then, between cool days of rain, it suddenly was so hot and sunny again I had to come in from gardening for ice cream, so the post didn't seem appropriate.

And I'm not the only one who's not too sure what season it is right now.  The mauve lilac up behind the house (on the bank that borders Monsieur F's now-ripe, bone-dry, rustling-in-the-wind maize) has decided to burst into bloom, to the delight of the local butterfly population.

So much for the distant sound from my childhood of my father singing: "We'll gather lilacs in the spring again",  as he accompanies himself on the upright piano in the lounge; a room only used for visitors or on special occasions such as Christmas.

I stand under the sweet smelling branches, struggling to capture clear images of the camera-shy peacock butterflies above my head as they flutter from bloom to bloom, gorging on this unexpected bounty.

I wonder whether we will be gathering this particular lilac again next spring?

Two others  who dropped by whose names I don't know ...

And  a touch of nostalgia ....