Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Weather

The only topic of conversation - French or English:

"Le tempsIncroyable!".
"How are you?" "Fine except for the bloody weather!"

We've had the wood fire on in  the lounge every day since we moved up from the cottage. Thank heavens we ordered that firewood last autumn - just in case. Bertie lies on the hearth rug with his nose only inches from the hot glass.

We scuttle across the cold bits of the house to the next pool of warmth: the lounge, my study, the kitchen if we've just had the oven on, Tod's room (if he gets round to lighting the gas fire).

We're reduced to tasks in and around the house - sorting paperwork, tidying the utility room and the garage. The swimming pool still languishes under its winter cover. Between showers we dash out to do more strimming and mowing - though some days the rain has been continuous, or it's just too cold to summon up the courage.

I'm still wearing my thermals (shock, horror!) and I've cut some roses and brought them indoors. It's the only way this year that I'm going to enjoy them.

We have yet to eat outside in the courtyard of our favourite crêperie.

Two years ago, we feared a drought (huh!) and spent hours watering freshly planted trees.

Three years ago, we had French lessons in the garden and cycled along the canal under the shade of the plane trees. And I photographed the roses.

It's good to have a blog and to be reminded that May can be glorious.

Excuse me - must go. There's a thin watery shaft of cold sunlight outside - time to don wellington boots and gardening jacket and strim down some more weeds. I might even manage to take the odd photo of drooping roses and post some here.


  1. It's not often our weather is better than yours, Sue, but such seems to be the case at the moment. Hope things return to normal for you soon.

  2. Back from our Foothills of the Pyrénées nine day break, that was just about as long as we wanted due to the incessant rain. Col d'Aubisque closed due to snow and Foul Weather gear being worn by all.
    We had the central heating on again last night, it's May and a friend was suggesting that people who live abroard should not get the Winter Fuel Allowance!

  3. Hello Perpetua, delighted to hear you're getting better weather - after your winter, you've earned it. :) Love the hare by the way. :) :)

  4. Hello Lesley, how frustrating! It's dire when one goes away expecting to enjoy good weather and it doesn't happen. We've already got mournful holidaymakers round here. You can tell they're the ones determinedly wearing shorts in the supermarket!!!!

  5. This sounds a bit like our experience this last week. We only arrived a week ago, for the start of a 7 week "visit". It has been lovely to be here again, but the pool was only opened to the elements the cleaning and getting ready of swimming has started, and the weeding and clearing has been fitted in between showers. Although it has been cold and grey most mornings, we have had some warm sunshine every day....but we cant predict for how long....hoping for something a bit more settled very soon .

  6. Hello Janice, great to hear you're back in France and are staying long enough (hopefully) to enjoy some really good weather. Just popped into your blog - sounds like you've both done masses since you've been here. Have a wonderful stay and may the weather be very kind. :)