Tuesday, 5 March 2013

I feel as if ...

... we are living in the film "The Shipping News", which by the way if you haven't seen I can thoroughly recommend. Kevin Spacey is on top form as a slightly bemused man who, with his young daughter and aunt (superbly played by Judi Dench) goes back to the family home on a remote cliff top in Newfoundland.

The old Newfoundland house is held down by guy ropes to keep it from flying off the cliff in the high winds and at night creaks, groans and sighs, keeping the occupants awake.  For the last twenty-four hours that's what it's been like in the cottage.  Bertie, Vita and I got little sleep last night as I resorted to a duvet and the sofa in the lounge. The constant thrumming of the aluminium drain pipes and the shrieking of the wind through the shutters kept all three of us on edge - while Tod slept blissfully through it.

Debris is all over the garden and a couple of the dead elms in the small copse behind the cottage, covered in ivy where the small birds nest, are now snapped in two and doubled over - as is a brand new concrete electricity pole up on the ridge behind us.

I found the plastic greenhouse that I bought from Lidls tilting precariously to one side, all the contents in a jumble on the floor.  So taking a tip from the film, the greenhouse is now held down by an improvised guy rope stretched across the roof and tied on one side to a wooden pallet and the other to an old plough.

Although the high winds are still with us, I'm hoping that I'm tired enough to be able to sleep through the noise tonight.  Tomorrow is the Big Day - Tod is demonstrating making his sourdough rye bread and I want to be wide awake for it.  But more of that anon.

The Shipping News


  1. Ouch, that does sound rough, Sue. I hope the wind drops soon. March has come in like a lamb in the UK, but that could soon change.....

  2. This sounds bad..hope its calmed down a bit since you posted. I know the wind was pretty ferocious when our Ryanair flight tried to land in Carcassonne last week. We were re routed after a fairly hairy failed landing attempt. I hope there is no more damage. J.

  3. ah, but you should read the book. Much as I like Kevin Spacey, he wasn't right for the role. The rest of the cast was well suited.
    The book is wonderful

  4. Annie Proulx is a role model writer of mine. Agree about Spacey-he's so self-conscious as an actor.

    The weather sounded horrific there, Sue. Mind you the Europe blizzard has come as a bit of a surprise this week.

  5. Thank you all for your comments and sorry I've been slow responding. I feel I've been scraping brown paint off skirting boards for days!
    You're right about the weather Perpetua! Hope you haven't been too badly affected.
    And Janice just thinking of your failed landing makes me feel queasy (I'm not a good flyer when it's calm). Hope you were ok.
    Hi Sharyn and mixedabilityME, normally I'm reluctant to read a book once I've seen the film but you've both got me intrigued. We'll have to agree to differ on Spacey. :)