Friday, 28 December 2012

I'm Sorry ...

... but I have to change my "comments" settings.

I know that the strange letters are not easy to read, but I am suddenly getting a deluge of spam that I am having constantly to moderate and delete, so I'm going back to the system where the strange letters have to be typed into a box in order to block the spammers. I'm doing this very reluctantly, but feel I have no alternative.

My thanks to those of you who comment on my blogs. It's good to know that you are there and that I am not just speaking to myself.  I do enjoy your comments and through them feel I know a little bit about you. But I also recognise that reading the letters in the box is far from easy and all too often what we type does not match up, so I quite understand if those of you who have posted comments in the past feel that you can no longer do so.


  1. Quite understand...I do struggle a bit but get there in the end.

    I'm having problems of a different sort....stalking... so I'm leaving my regular blogs and moving to another site. I'm going to ask people to e mail me for the address as I'd hate to lose contact with people who have become, in a way, part of my world.
    It's bound to put some people off, though.

    and now for the wonderful words...!

  2. Hello Fly, thank you for understanding. So sorry to hear about your problem. One of the other bloggers I read had a similar situation - so sad. Certainly I'll be happy to email you - don't want to lose touch. :)

  3. Bad luck, Sue. I'm managing to stay word verification free but I know other bloggers who have had to give in and reinstate it. I'm one who finds it hard to decipher but I persevere.....

  4. Hello Perpetua, good to hear from you. It was something you wrote some time back that made me stop using word verification and I hate having to go back to it. But I really feel I have no choice. I quite understand if you don't drop by much in the future - though I will miss you. :)

  5. Word Verification is no problem for me and if it helps you - fine.
    I have no Google/Blogger a/c no URL only my name and email address and have, therefore, been unable to comment on some other interesting & readable sites that in the past I was able to add my 'twopennyworth'.
    I can only hope that this stops your irritating spam.

  6. Hi Lesley, thanks for your message. Glad you have no problems with the change. I must say it's lovely just to have genuine messages like yours pop into my email inbox, so I know it's on the blog, without my having to go through and clear out all the spam as well. :) Shame though that we have to "tighten up " the security - oh for a world without spammers! :)

  7. Oh, it won't stop me reading and commenting, Sue, though it definitely takes me longer. :-) I'm just sorry you find it necessary. Spam is such a nuisance and I get my share, though thankfully Bloggre's spam filter seems to catch it all and it doesn't make it onto my blog.

  8. What a nuisance for you!! I'll always read and post too-I just press and press until I can actually read the 'code word'.

    I really enjoy your writing.

    A wonderful 2013 to you and your family. :)


  9. Hello Maureen, thank you for your encouraging words. :) Glad too to hear Christmas went well for you - lovely to be home early. :)
    My very best wishes to you too, for 2013. :)

  10. What a bore for you.
    My blog is Wordpress - purely by chance, that was the first reccomended to me, and they seem to do a really good job of cutting out spam, I've only once had a comment that wasn't genuine. What I can't understand is why the spammers bother, surely they don't thyinbk that a message that my post needs improving is really going to tempt me to click on their site?

  11. Hi Victoria, Happy New Year. When I first saw Wordpress I thought their security was a bit OTT - if I remember I had to give my email to leave a comment, but now I think that level of security is a good idea. I suddenly had a whole flood of posts that were complete gibberish - sadly I think once one is "in the spammer system" it's hard to extract oneself.