Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Holiday in the Rain

Hours of cards and board games, Mexican dominoes and scrabble.

An afternoon's half-finished jigsaw left on the kitchen table for later, covered with a tablecloth while we have supper.

A walk snatched along the canal tow-path before the next downpour.

A stroll through Saturday's market and enticed by a plant for the garden, a sweet ripe melon, musky tomatoes. And fresh, tender French beans to be added to an evening's warming curry.

Visits to our local crêperie, where we relish the welcome of our hostess and the cosiness of the old colombage room. Outside in the courtyard - a place of delight on hot summer nights - the wind eddies and gusts.

A dash across the carpark at Buzet between showers to the wine warehouse full of noisy French tourists relishing the degustation, to buy a pretty bottle of wine - soft blue glass fading to clear - where the look of the bottle is more important than its contents.

A trip to Leclercs to buy a warm hoodie and luscious prunes dipped in dark chocolate.

The days slip by and we scan the météo, hoping for better news. Tomorrow our friends leave and for the first time in a week we are promised fine weather.


  1. How often friends arrived for the one wet or windy week in the whole Spring!

  2. Oh dear, sounds like the weather we had for grandsons' half-term. Bad everywhere sadly.....

  3. Hello both of you :)
    So sad when that happens isn't it! Especially as today is glorious and they've had none of this. :(

  4. After our 'wet' holiday (with dogs) in Brittany, one can only say that there is no such thing as bad weather- only the wrong clothes.

  5. How true Lesley. Hence the purchase of the warm hoodie. One of the party thought she was coming to good weather - well you would, wouldn't you - June in SW France!

  6. Beautiful writing as usual - though one little phrase is echoing around my head in pure pleasure...luscious prunes dipped in dark absolutely gorgeous! Never mind the rain.

  7. Hello Annie, thank you for your comment. The prunes are gorgeous!