Saturday, 24 March 2012

Tonight ...

... I close the shutters of the cottage and through the big window on the landing - the window that used to be the doorway into the hayloft - I can see in the dark north western sky Venus, Jupiter and a red crescent moon low on the horizon of Monsieur F's field where he will shortly be planting maize.

As I close the shutters to the small window on the other side of the landing, the one that looks towards the south, through the branches of the lime trees I can just see Orion's Belt.

The air is mild and the night is clear.  We are in for a week of warm, sunny weather and this is the last night we will sleep in the cottage.

Tomorrow we will move back to the house for the summer and the cottage will become once again the place where our friends stay.


  1. Very evocative, Sue. How nice to be at that transition point again. Sleep well tonight in the house. :-)

  2. Perpetua thank you. We're all tucked in for the night. It was lovely to have supper on the veranda in the evening warmth - and still light at 8pm! Hurrah!

  3. You write so beauifully, and it reminds me of when I wrote back to my parents from the 60's.
    Thank you.

  4. Thank you anonymous. Kenya in the 60's must have been a fascinating time.