Sunday, 15 January 2012

Dearest, Liebster

Perpetua, who drops in for a chat from time to time and writes Perpetually in Transit - a gentle blog about being a retired priest, sharing her life with DH (Dear Husband), DD (Dear Daughter) and DS (Dear Son) and the joys of living in three countries, including France - has kindly given me the Liebster Blog award.  A way of sharing our discoveries across this amazing blogosphere, the idea of the award is to highlight five blogs that we enjoy, especially ones with fewer than 200 followers and to share them here.

Thank you Perpetua and now it's my turn.

My challenge though, is that most of the ones I follow have many hundreds, if not thousands, of followers and are well-established.  And a couple which I would have chosen I see have already been awarded. :)

So I'm asking for help please.  If you have favourite blogs that you feel deserve to be known more widely, please could you drop me some suggestions, then I can go exploring.  Thank you.

It's more than time I added to my "treasure trove".


  1. Hi Sue. Having glanced at a few of the blogs on your blog list, I see your problem. :-) I think it must be true of a lot of the longer-established blogs, which have had time to build up a large number of followers. We relative newcomers tend to huddle together as we find our feet in the blogospere. :-) I do hope you get some good suggestions.

  2. Try this one

    of a couple finding their feet and establishing a new life in the Limousin.

  3. Hello Fly, belated thanks for your excellent suggestion. It's taken me a bit of time to come up with my other choices and I wanted to post them all together, which I have finally managed to do! :)

    Thanks for your thoughts Perpetua. :)