Friday, 14 October 2011

We have a new ...

... member of the family - Spok who from now onwards wants to be known as Bertie.

I saw a photo of him on Total France forum - just another of so many abandoned dogs in France - with his nose pressed against the wires of his cage and his bright intelligent eyes.

He came home with us today from Cahors canine rescue, grumbling gently from the back of the car because he was in a cage (just in case) and not on the back seat with Vita.

A feisty terrier with a good bit of wired haired fox and I'm not sure what else, he's completely unfazed by the classic Airedale approach to friendship which involves taking another dog's head in your mouth (which is why his fur is a bit damp in the fourth photo) along with a good bit of body barging.

I think Bertie is going to be top dog - he's already appropriated Vita's bed and she's let him. He's marched his way through all the flower beds in search of lizards, shrews and mice. He settled under the table for supper and has made himself thoroughly at home. 

He's sleeping at my feet as I type this.


  1. Bertie looks a great friend for Vita. He gets to the yoghurt pots first?
    How can a smart dog get to be homeless? Some of the stories are heartbreaking. Bertie has 'fallen on his feet' - lucky dog.

  2. Like you Lesley, I wonder how he can have been abandoned. The refuge was heart breaking. We have fallen on our feet too. :)

  3. Adorable!!! N x