Saturday, 1 October 2011

The First of October ...

... and the temperature in the shade on the veranda is twenty-eight degrees Celsius (over eighty degrees Fahrenheit).

The pool looks inviting.

Yesterday evening we went to our favourite crêperie in Clairac for the last time this year. We sat in the courtyard in the candle light feeling the heat radiating from the high old stone walls and enjoying the banter among the owner's friends.  She closes every year on September 30th and opens on April 1st. She told us this was the first time in the sixteen years she's been there that her customers have been able to sit out in the warmth at the end of September.

We wished her Happy Christmas and told her we would be back next year.


  1. Not quite as hot as that in Prague where I am for 2 weeks, but still warm enough to sit out in the evening. The same in the UK too - in October!!

  2. Prague, how lovely! Hope the weather stays fine for you.

  3. Gosh, wish I was there. We had a wonderful trip to the Luberon in September two years ago. Friends rented a huge house with a pool and invited people to come for a week. We bicycled every day and drank gin around the pool afterwards. It was so perfect I don't think we could replicate it. There are plans to go for 2012 but we'll have to see what happens.
    It's rainy here this morning and the leaves are turning.