Wednesday, 5 October 2011

At the tail end of this Indian summer ...

... we set off optimistically for Arcachon and the sea in thick early morning mist. Even at lunchtime, as we wandered in search of a reasonably priced lunch menu, the day stayed stubbornly overcast and the beach towels and swimwear were left unwanted in the car parked in some remote side street.

But gradually, the clouds thinned and the sun broke through and in the early afternoon we strolled to the front and took it in turns to walk barefoot across the soft fine sand and dip our toes in the chilly water while the other kept Vita on the lead on the edge of the promenade.

No dogs allowed on this smart town beach.

She found an oyster shell to play with.  Next time we'll take her to Cap Feret and the crashing Atlantic rollers, where we can all enjoy sand and sea together.

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