Friday, 2 September 2011

Storm Cloud at Sunset

From the posts on the forums today, seems like half of South West France was watching this storm cloud yesterday evening.  It was like something out of a science fiction film, with constant lightning flashes within the cloud.

We had a few drops of rain from it and then it slowly passed north and east of us.  Today has been hot and sticky and more storms are promised for tonight and tomorrow.  Let's hope the next one passes overhead. We could do with a good downpour.


  1. Sunsets, with or without storm clouds, are incredibly beautiful. To be able to sit and watch with a glass of 'tipple favourite' is a real bonus to life.

  2. Hi Lesley, Lucky you! Because of the position of our house - part way down a hill facing south and east, we don't get to see sunsets as such, west is over the brow of the hill. We just get the reflection of the sun off clouds, which sometimes - like the other evening - is spectacular.